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CLS Consulting Ltd., is a professional recruitment and immigration service provider with offices in Canada, China, Ukraine and the Philippines. It is a subsidiary of Canada Livestock Services Inc., a company engaged in international trade. The recruiting operation was founded in 2000 and through strategic partnerships is licensed and approved by the Canadian, Chinese, Ukrainian and Philippine governments to engage in the recruitment of overseas skilled workers.


CLS's mandate is to assist Canadian employers in recruiting blue-collar skilled workers, administrative, supervisory and managerial aides from overseas that are in high demand in Canada. Working with the various provincial government programs, we have been able to successfully attract quality candidates from Asia to work and live in Canada.


CLS works with the Saskatchewan and Alberta business community to fill long and short term labour needs from international markets including China and the Philippines.


CLS has seen tremendous growth over the last five years, from an office staff of two people to an office staff of 10.  Each of our professional staff members are trained extensively in the immigration process and look forward to helping you with Employment Solutions founded upon Integrity and Prudence.


We are CLS.